Regal Vaults was born from a need and a desire for an Australian made, quality watch & jewellery safe with the elegance and functionality you would expect from any high end brand.  The security of our prized possessions is of upmost importance which is why we onlu use fire rated safes to custom fit to anyone's specifications. Security is one thing but why not give them a good home to be displayed in at the same time so you can easily view and access your watches and jewellery for that special occasion.  

Our Watch & Jewellery Safes are not just beautiful to look at but also extremely functional. Our watch safes in particular are installed with WOLF’s handmade watch winders  that work with all automatic watches, vintage or new. WOLF's unique technology includes patented turn counting mechanisms and rotation programs to ensure the perfect wind, every time.

We believe nothing is to hard to attempt or to big to undertake. We take the view of pushing the limits and breaking new ground to create quality products to be proud of. 

Regal Vaults create custom safes for watch & jewllery enthusiasts by watch and jewellery enthusiasts. We would love to hear from you to discuss your ideas and desires for your very own custom made safe to house your prized possessions.